The ZERORISK Approach to Hiring

With turnover analysis reports continuing to report that the cost of unwanted employee turnover can be 1.5 times the employee’s annual salary, reducing turnover by only 20 percent could bring hundreds of thousand or even millions to your bottom line—this year! What would reducing turnover by 67 percent do for you?

We are excited to introduce you to a revolutionary instrument that has proven…

– Those identified as being low risk for one of the 37 different banking positions have a 90 percent chance of being in that job in 12 months.

– And, those identified as being high risk have only a 10 percent chance of being in that job one year later!

Usage has been benchmarked to reduce turnover by 67 percent! Wouldn’t you want to know a candidate’s risk profile before you make an offer you may live to regret? Now, you can know this before you have the first interview!

How would you like results like these?

“Our relationship with ZERORISK HR has proven to be one of the most important ingredients in our business strategy, which is focused squarely on our people and their development. Your products and services provide the basis for our hiring, placement, team effectiveness and management development. ZERORISK is the art and science behind that part of our
business strategy that is based in improving our people and their ability to be part of a high performance team.”

A. McDonnell, Jr., President & CEO,
Citizens National Bank

“Since using the ZERORISK Hiring System our turnover rate has dropped from 40% to below 2% in the past 18 months. We utilize the system as an aid when conducting hiring/ interviewing, job performance evaluations, and promotional considerations. Since using the system our organization has experienced a dramatic cut in the number of bad hires, seen greatly improved employee morale, as well as significant decreases in our turnover rate, all of which ultimately impacts the bottom line.”

S. Pajak, Vice President,
St. Charles Bank & Trust

If you’re doing “personality” testing…think again

Studies have proven that personality testing has an extremely low correlation to how well a person will perform on the job. We all know people with different personalities doing the same job and both performing equally well. This clearly indicates that personality is not a strong factor in how well someone will perform in a given position.

However, ZERORISK measures critical thinking; what some refer to as emotional intelligence. And strong evidence supports a direct correlation to an individual’s emotional intelligence and their job success. Emotional intelligence can identify the thinking filters and patterns that impact areas such as sales results, leadership, decision making skills, customer service abilities, the ability to think clearly and work effectively with others.

Everyone has a unique pattern of thinking that leads him or her to think one thing or choice is better than another. An individual’s patterns of choices have an incredible bearing on their successes in the work place. Everyday your employees are required to make decisions, who to call, what to say, how important is this project, when is this needed. If your people have a thinking pattern/emotional intelligence that doesn’t match the desired outcome for the position, they will most undoubtedly not achieve the results you want.

With so much is at risk, hiring the wrong person can be disastrous. The goal of ZERORISK is to reduce your risk to the lowest possible level. Based on the individual’s thinking pattern, ZERORISK can determine work preferences such as:

  • Does he/she have the ability to follow rules and procedures or rebel against them?
    Can they handle rejection or criticism?
  • What’s their work ethic?
  • Do I have to micromanage them?
  • Does he/she have the people skills necessary to build strong customer relationships?
  • Can this person function in a team environment?
  • Does this individual have the ability to close sales.

Research proves that over 70 percent of the abilities deemed essential for effective performance are emotional competencies, not personality.

Placing the right individual in the right position can have dramatic results – increased profits, higher productivity and improved morale.

Click here to download the ZERORISK Benchmarks for 43 Banking Positions.

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