WHY EMPLOYEES Cause Layoffs, Destroy Companies, and Make Their Co-Workers Sick.

Hiring strategiesIt’s time to replace childish workplace behaviors with healthy workplace agreements.

There’s an old country song my cousin played every year at the holidays with the line, “You dun stomped on my heart and you mashed that sucker flat.”

Well, that’s how it feels to be in the workplace some days. Our souls are stomped on.

People’s behaviors seem childish, unkind, and self-consumed—a bit like adult day care. So the responsibility of every team member is to put on their grown-up pants and bring that higher self to work every single day.

It’s a choice. We only act like children in the workplace because we don’t stop to reflect on how unattractive it is when adults fail to hold their behaviors to higher standards than children.

Managers spend an average of 37 percent of their workday dealing with poor performers and bad behaviors. Imagine how much would be available for raises and bonuses if that hole in the bottom of the bucket wasn’t creating the need for layoffs.

So employees have a role. First, they have to understand that they choose their attitude moment by moment. Just because life isn’t perfect—and it never is—that doesn’t give them the right to pout, sabotage, hold back, or otherwise give free rein to their destructive behaviors.

Next, employees must take responsibility for getting a crystal clear understanding of their critical drivers and report on those on a weekly basis. It’s not okay to play the victim card and complain incessantly about the long hours you’re working while you’re missing the targets—even if your boss didn’t give you those targets. Take the initiative yourself. Lay out what you think the targets are, get agreement from your boss, then take aim and fire.

You won’t hit every target every time.

Demonstrate integrity and transparency by letting your boss know what you hit, what you missed, and what your corrective action plan is to improve your aim.

Most important: As an employee, you have the right and even the moral obligation to understand that leadership is not a position—it’s a way of being. And YOU can be the one who brings enlightenment to your workplace by showing others the way.

Taking accountability for your attitude and your focused results that tie into the objectives of your company and department is the fastest way to a promotion, a raise, and a life of sanity and abundance.

The great news is this…it’s simple. There are only two parts—(1) choosing a more productive attitude, and (2) creating clarity and focusing all your activities toward those critical drivers.

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