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Client after client say the same thing…
“It’s a MIRACLE!”

How do you take a great bank and make it substantially better? What if you could create a 40 to 50 basis point increase in net interest margin in one year? Grow more in the next year than you did in the previous 5-10 years combined while decreasing your loan delinquencies and radically improving the quality of your portfolio? Take a culture that normalized whining, gossip and excuses and transform it to a place voted as best place to work?

Introducing…Breakthrough Banking Service and Sales Culture Program™—designed to help banks get to and stay in the top 5 percent.

What’s the secret handshake to create this level of breakthrough?

Imagine it is three years from today and you’re saying “Pinch me!—I can’t even believe what we’ve accomplished.”

Now, look back and identify what you did this year to make that happen—a focus on “opportunities for a breakthrough” versus a focus on today’s “problems.”

After getting your entire executive team to come to agreement by naming the top three “needles” to move and prioritizing them by determining the economic impact of fixing each, a plan is customized for you to make a dramatic and sustainable shift in results.

Who else wants to be a to 5 percent performer?

Your customized system of transformation would include a combination templates/processes/education and implementation of it.

27 integrated performance-improvement systems

…tailored to help you move your key “needles” as identified by your definition of utopia.

Some typical basic systems of the 27 include these 7:

  • Low-Cost, High-Impact Profit-Rich Targeted Marketing Template
    Throw out the expense-laden traditional marketing process—and focus instead ONLY on the 13% of new prospects that actually will bring money to your bottom line. Think about it. Why spend money to attract more of the 87% of customers who lose money for you. Most banks decrease their marketing budget by 80 percent!
  • No More Order Taking™ System
    Many clients report doubling and tripling cross sales within the first year using an integrated step-by-step sales/service/marketing process.
  • Profit-Rich Sales™ System
    Our proprietary process helps you identify, create reputational excellence with, and then target A+ credits and get them at 100-200 basis points more than the competition. And the best part is…it doesn’t feel like selling. No kidding—read a few stories of results.
  • Hoopla Team® Accountability to Excellence Process
  • Customer Service Plates-Up-In-The-Air System
    Over 95% of banks double their service scores in 90 days—and the best part is…the system is designed to keep the plates in the air. It sticks!
  • Strategic Planning Think Tank™
    You will never go back to traditional strategic planning after discovering this process designed for high-performing banks using a “make the plan happen” integrated process that ties every person to the critical-drivers that makes every person clear on their role and a tight system to make sure that it happens.
  • Right People in the Right Seats Hiring Emotional Intelligence Testing

Included in your program is a license agreement with a benchmark process that has helped some clients decrease turnover by as much as 40 percent and others grow by 70 percent with the same or less people.

  • And so much more…20 key systems that integrate strategy, marketing, service, sales accountability and other performance driving systems.
We increased net interest margin from the 27th to 82nd percentile in the time we have been working with you. We drew the line in the sand about matching rates—that was huge. We drove our deposit costs down. I don’t think we could have come out of those tough couple of years without The Emmerich Group.
—J. Burnett, CEO, Libertyville Savings Bank

Our Iron-Clad System:

A Fresh New Approach…
that works!

Culture is the leading predictor of future growth and profitability. Tying culture to breakthrough strategies and systems of accountability…well, the sky is the limit.

Performance Transformation Roadmap

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