How to Eradicate Low Performance

How do you get people to do what they’re supposed to do—not sometimes, not sorta, but consistently and for real?

This month I met an executive who said something that shocked me. He said that only 40 percent of their people are meeting their goals. FORTY percent!!! Yikes.

Imagine what it does to the bottom line to let 60 percent of people off the hook from doing what they are expected to do.

Those who ARE getting it and delivering the goods are naturally ticked. They’re having to hold down the fort in a massive way to keep the doors open to take care of the jobs for all those who are clocking time but not meeting objectives.

No wonder 91 percent of employees have thought about changing jobs and 65 percent have actively looked in the last year! They’re tired of management not holding people accountable.

I KNOW you want your people to be accountable, but most managers and executives just plain have no idea how to proceed.

Here’s why it goes wrong…

First, there is […]

Four Steps for More Profitable and Higher Quality Loans

We’ve seen easier times. Remember when loan requests just walked through the door? That was nice while it happened, but you may not want to hold your breath waiting for the “good old days” to return.

This is the new “normal.”

It’s time for different mindsets and skill sets, because banks that “get it” are taking market share from the others at a record-breaking pace.
While many banks are filled with lenders complaining that customers are hard to find, there’s a new breed of banker that’s making hay. They know what to do, and they’re doing it right now.
Here are five steps you can start today to attract high quality loans and get them to bring all their business:

Step One: Narrow your market.

That’s right. You want FEWER prospects, not more.

First, identify your targets. Specifically. Clearly. Research your most profitable customers to find what psychographics they have in common, then find everyone who is just like them. Knowing who they are and their parallel markets is critical.

Let’s say you study the 20 most profitable commercial loans and discover that […]

Confusion to Conviction – Creating the Mind that Buys

You’re watching the Super Bowl when one of those unforgettable commercials comes on. You grab your sides with laughter. How do they come up with these things?

The next day everybody at work is talking about that great ad for…for…

What the heck WAS the product?

We’ve all seen those ads—so much wall-to-wall cleverness and funny characters that there’s no room in your head to notice and remember what should be the one thing that three million bucks was supposed to achieve: the name of the product.

The same thing applies to the sales process. Who hasn’t seen a salesperson, fresh from a seminar on cross-selling, suddenly spread a dozen different account options like a Japanese fan in front of the poor customer, whose expression falls into a blank and frightened stare?

Why shouldn’t it? She can’t process all of the variables at once, and she doesn’t want to make a decision she’ll regret, so she goes into defensive mode to keep from making a mistake. People want to spend their money wisely, and it’s harder to think clearly about one option when it’s in a forest of others. So she stammers something about needing […]

Removing the Risk Roadblock

We’ve all been there. The car salesman slides the paperwork across the desk at you, pointing at the signature line. Just this one last step, he says, and there’ll be no way out.

At least that’s how it can sound to the customer as she wipes her sweaty palms on the Naugahyde, wondering if she’s doing the right thing, wondering if she’s considered everything, wondering if she’s taking too big a…


Risk is the dark underbelly of every opportunity, our mother’s voice warning us that there’s no free lunch, P. T. Barnum chuckling about a sucker born every minute. Suddenly the salesperson is the snake in the Garden, hissing “How ’bout them apples?”—and Eve is sliding her checkbook back into her purse and looking for the exit.

The best thing any business can do to earn the trust of a potential customer is reversing the risk. All agreements entail some degree of risk. If you as a business can make it clear that all of the risk will be assumed by you, not by the customer, you’ve removed the last real roadblock to the relationship. Of course, you should do that for items for […]

Creating the Ultimate Strategy

You’ve decided to create and implement a killer strategy. So where do you look for ideas?

There are hundreds of tried and true strategies out there. Some have taken companies from just marking time to the big time in no time. But which ones should you consider?

Why not consider all of them?

Too many companies won’t even consider strategies outside of their own industry. They start narrow and get narrower. The executive team for Widgetmakers Inc. starts their brainstorming session by saying, “Well, what are all the other widgetmakers doing?” An hour later, they’ve chosen the two or three most common strategies in their industry. Hardly a recipe for breakthrough results.

What they fail to realize is that successful strategies transcend business categories. Some of the strategies that work for Southwest Airlines may work the same magic for Amazon or Nordstrom or Domino’s Pizza. But how will you ever know if you look no further than your own specialized neck of the woods?

Start by listing the highest-performing companies you can think of regardless of industry, companies that have created powerful and sustainable results. List the strategies each company employs. For each strategy, ask yourself, […]