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I believe that accepting limiting beliefs as fact is too common in banking today.

Today, together, we’re going to blow up the biggest limiting belief in banking. It’s so bad, it’s keeping you and your team from attracting the very best credits AND getting extreme premium pricing.

If you’re the kind of leader who:

  • Has a team that’s already getting premium pricing AND attracting the best credits,

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How to Move Beyond “Trusted Advisor” Lip Service to Get ALL of their Deposit Business



I believe people want to work with “the best.”

When people truly trust you and you bring value that exceeds your additional pricing, people are willing to bring all their business to you and your bank. At that point, price has little relevance. They know that what you provide is worth the cost. That’s a prime position for you to be in—now here’s how you’re going to get there.

If you’re the kind of leader:

  • Who has a team member who already knows how to get large checking accounts without price being relevant while getting the entire relationship,

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Where the Low-Risk, High-Profit Clients Are Hiding



I believe that sometimes one tweak can make a huge impact.

In this episode, we’ll tackle proven techniques you can use immediately to find your next top 100 most profitable, low-risk clients. Those are exactly the customers you want on your roster—and it’s worth the work to bring them in.

In fact, using this system I’m about to reveal has brought my clients a closing rate near 100%. I think that’s worth staying tuned.

If you’re the kind of person:

  • Who has spent a lot of money on marketing and it’s working to pull in the best customers at premium pricing,

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How to Never Become a Vendor in the Eyes of Your Customers


I believe the world is full of abundance—a field of diamonds is in every back yard. You just have to mine your share.

In this episode, I’m going to show you how to find and bring in all the deposits you want in YOUR market without paying up.

If you’re the kind of banker:

  • Who has all the deposits you want already, you’ll love this because you’ll be able to bring your cost of funds down even more.
  • Or if you are the kind who can’t seem to find enough deposits and has resorted to having to fund through alternative sources or pay up for CDs,

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Get Whole-Team Weekly Alignment with Your Strategic Plan



I believe people are basically good. They want to do what they say they’re going to do, but sometimes they get distracted or they’re unsure of what their optimal role is. And that can be dangerous when it comes to your bank’s strategic planning.

In this episode, I’m going to show you how to get your entire team aligned so that everyone knows what their responsibilities are EVERY week and how it ALL ties into the bank’s strategic plan. You’ll be able to breathe deeply knowing you won’t be begging for forgiveness from regulators or your board.

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Is Your Strategic Plan Out of Alignment?



I believe most people tend to be easily distracted.

One of the hardest things to do is get everyone and everything aligned on the few things that matter to the profits at your bank…yet this “intentional congruence” is one of the most important practices you must follow if you want to grow and prosper.

In this episode, I want to share with you a concept that has transformed the strategic planning results for hundreds of banks, increasing profits by 20–50, even 100% in one year.

If you’re the kind of person…

  • Who is happy with your strategic planning process,

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The 4-Step System to Attract Top-Quality Prospects Who Pay Premium Prices



I believe everyone wants to feel special and be treated uniquely according to their specific needs and wants. And when it comes to sales, some prospects are more special than others.

Research shows that for banks up to $2 billion in size, their top 100 most profitable customers account for between 50–120% of the profit!

In this episode, I’m going to show you how to find another 100 just like them so you can double profits without adding more people or expense…and build a plan to get all of the most profitable customers out there by making them feel like you exist JUST for them.

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Thousands of Dollars in Untapped Profits Found at Your Bank


I believe every business has a breakthrough opportunity—a missed profit opportunity, in fact—in several of their product lines.

In this episode, I’m going to share with you how any one of your product lines could be the source of thousands of dollars of additional profits within a few short weeks. You’ll need to radically change your strategic planning process to make it happen.

If you’re the kind of person…

  • Who knows your team can sometimes keep repeating what they’ve been doing instead of taking the time to implement breakthrough ideas for a breakthrough increase in profit…you’re going to love this.

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What really works in strategic planning



I believe most banks are sitting on a goldmine of untapped potential for organic growth and increased profits.

In this session, you’ll discover how you can get far more—and more predictable—profit and growth impact from your strategic planning process. After reviewing over 500 strategic plans, I find that many banks lack effective strategies, lack intentional congruence, and essentially have a list of goals, but lack an effective way to get there.

If you’re the kind of leader…

  • Who hires a brilliant facilitator and comes out with a well-written plan that sounds good… but doesn’t ever really shake the ground from under your feet for a transformative profit surge,

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Solving the Middle Management Breakdown


  I believe that when middle managers master management, the resulting breakthroughs are profound and sustainable.

In this episode, I’m going to share with you how to overcome what I call “the middle management breakdown”—the block that keeps executives’ dreams from being the reality executed by the front-line team members.

If you’re the kind of leader who worries that perhaps your managers act more like “individual contributors” and don’t do nearly enough to maximize the results of their team members, I’m going to give you some solid executable ideas to get some traction for your managers.

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