Careers At The Emmerich Group, Inc.

Are you committed to being a contributor on a team that plays the big game—transforming the culture and performance of organizations with nearly miraculous results? Are you ready for your work to make a difference? What we do is amazing—we get massive results for our clients, transforming their workplaces into great places to work. Our clients love us, and we love them right back. The Emmerich Group is the country’s leading consulting company for transforming corporate results by taking companies to a level of performance they never even dreamed possible. If that doesn’t excite you, you are probably not the right candidate. Please do not apply if this is the case. We move critical needles like growth, service scores, culture scores, profit and crosssales and we move them quickly. Many using our Thank God It’s Monday!® approach, based on Roxanne’s New York Times bestseller, have been voted the best places to work in their state because of the work we did with them. Our clients are from all industries, though we have a division specializing in community banking. The companies we work with regularly have breakthroughs they refer to as “miraculous”—more growth in the first 30 days of starting our program than they had in the previous 10 years combined, customer scores doubling in less than 30 days, and profits soaring often by 40-50 percent within a few months. If you don’t already live by the high standards of The Emmerich Group, including “wow” customer service, excellence, personal and professional growth every day, drive, high character…please don’t apply. It doesn’t make sense—we can’t do for our clients what our team members don’t do themselves. If you are already a top performer, have done a great degree of personal and professional development, and have a demonstrated history of performance, you may get the chance to work with a team of wicked smart people who love what they do. Listed below are the positions we currently have available. If you meet the criteria listed above we want to hear from you!

Account Executive

You will be challenged to grow and expand our customer base while earning a compensation package that includes a strong base, competitive benefits and uncapped commission potential. In this job, you would learn fast and have impeccable follow through. Although we respect past successes and management expertise, know that we have a system that is completely proprietary, developed by our head trainer of the Profit-Rich Sales™ process who is still considered the “legend of IBM.” We would expect you to follow our iron-clad system. Ideally, you have a history of winning and sticking with something, possess the business savvy to talk with CEOs and other top level executives, have great follow through and can whip through a CRM with meticulous execution. If you have the ability to present in front of large groups and or if you have banking experience, that’s even better. We also would expect you to be a rock solid individual who is steady, reliable, a joy to be around and devoid of the things we remove from organizations—whining, gossip, and excuses—to name a few. If you’re the ideal candidate, you will be on an aggressive personal and professional development path. Don’t apply unless you enjoy managing a full pipeline at all times and thrive in a fast-paced sales environment. If you are a hunter who isn’t satisfied until you’ve exceeded goal, then join The Emmerich Group today to ensure the continued growth of your career and the satisfaction of doing work that matters.

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