We’re known for creating miraculous results for banks.

Taking your bank from the expected to the unexpected–to stand out from the others–is the fastest path to profitable and safe growth in all aspects of your banks products and services.

Our process is unique: We not only provide the platform to train your staff to perform at their highest level, we also work to create a well-balanced team that knows why they are there and are passionate about creating “wow” experiences, serving as a trusted advisor, and delivering the best in banking to all of your customers.

When you pair a high-performance sales culture with our low-cost profit-rich marketing strategies, you’ll soon be pulling in the best accounts in all lines of your business.

Here are the case studies of a few of our clients:

Adams Bank

Kevin Beckemeyer

The roll outs, the daily huddles, all of that is generating so much excitement to be together. We didn’t have that in the past. The morning huddles are just phenomenal, the positive vibes from all the folks. In the past we had people who would do their work and that was about it, having relationships with other employees was rare.

Now people are taking on leadership roles, breaking out of their shells and making things happen like you wouldn’t believe.

K. Beckemeyer, President and CEO
Legence Bank

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Adams BankGordon MajorsSince working with you, we’ve grown from $238 million to $368 million…a 54.49 percent increase, net income grew from $2.1 million to $4.1 million…a 95.2% increase, and earning assets grow from $213 million to $332 million—a 55.66 percent increase. Net interest margin increased from 3.90 to 4.32, and we’re operating with 1.25 or less past dues. We did this without growing staff. We now target only A+ credits like you taught us. We cycle several people through your “boot camp” [Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit] every year. It’s a part of who we are. You’ve taught me to take myself lightly and my results seriously.

G. Majors, President and CEO
The Hardin County Bank

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Adams Bank

We grew 21 percent while decreasing FTEs by 11 percent and raising net interest margin 52 basis points since working with you. 100 percent of our new loan customers are referrals from current customers or centers of influence. Not a week goes by when I don’t get a call from a client complimenting my staff. I don’t even remember it happening before we made this shift. Our top 100 customers are sending business our way, and we’re not really having to work hard to get new business. And our lenders don’t even try or ask to meet the pricing of the competition. They know they’re worth more. A few years ago, they wouldn’t have believed they were worth the extra money.

K. Miller, President and CEO
The Farmers Bank

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Adams BankAdams Community Bank—Two $200 Million Mutuals Merge in Just Six Weeks With Virtually No Transitional Problems and a Minimum Impact to Growth.

• Successfully merged two local mutual banks with a six-week transition period instead of the usual two-year experience of “us versus them” AGREE BUT THIS IS AN ONGOING EXERCISE IN TEAM BUILDING
• Doubled the size of the bank from $200 million to $400 million through the merger without any drop-off or interruption in growth
• Successfully trained all new commercial lenders on the bank’s existing premium-pricing sales system
• Merged 100 percent of employees from both banks without terminations or downsizing

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Chad HoffmanWe not only met EVERY goal in ALL of our branches, but we exceeded many of our goals by 100 percent! Our entire organization acts like a team! I can’t imagine any CEO who wouldn’t want this. Read interview with Chad Hoffman

—C. Hoffman, President and CEO
The Richwood Banking Company

Al TubbsI’ve always said that if our competitors got a hold of Roxanne’s information, we’d be in trouble. Fortunately, we found her first. Roxanne’s systems work—especially during times like these. Read interview with Al Tubbs

A. Tubbs, CEO
Ohnward Bancshares, Inc.
Past President of American Bankers Association

Charlie O'Brien

This is a great time of opportunity for us. Many of our competitors continue to struggle while we are having a tremendous success story… our profits are strong, our leadership team is strong, our people are engaged, and we are spending money smarter than ever before. TEG provides a great framework to allow this to happen. Instead of running traditional ads as we did for the previous 10 years with little feedback, by doing our top 100 approach we are making incredible magic happen with our customers.

C. O’Brien, President & CEO
South Adams Savings Bank

Archie McDonnell, Jr.Our bank has essentially doubled in size… going from 500 million in 2001 to 1 billion today. When we started with you, we were what I would have characterized as, at best, an average performer—probably an underperformer. We also were making somewhere in the neighborhood of less than $7.6 million in net income and now we have grown to $15.6 million in pre-tax net operating income. So we doubled the bank sizemore than doubled the bank’s profit. And we’re right on top of the return on assets for high growth banks at about 1.2 percent.
Read interview with Archie McDonnell, Jr.

A. McDonnell, Jr., CEO and President
Citizens National Bank

Mark JohnsonWe set our goal at The Emmerich Group’s Strategic Planning Think Tank in Atlanta last year and created a tight, one-page strategic plan. As a result of that and of following the Profit- Rich Sales method you presented at that meeting, we just blew right past our goal and never looked back. Read interview with Mark Johnson

M. Johnson, President and CEO
The First Citizens National Bank

Dale BlachfordOne of the most valuable things The Emmerich Group® has taught us is to become disciplined about putting processes and systems in place. When you have a solid system, it makes execution a whole lot easier. We’ve grown from $180MM to $250MM in two years.
Read interview with Dale Blachford

D. Blachford, President
Liberty Bank

Patti SteeleBefore we worked with the Thank God It’s Monday!® system, we had tried many consultants and training programs with little or no improvement. Within 30 days of our Kick-Butt Kick-Off® we grew more than we had in the previous 10 years combined—35% annualized in 30 days! The growth of deposits and loans can only be described as a miracle and the profits were up 44%. Profits and ongoing growth have soared from there. The system keeps taking us further. Read interview with Patti Steele

P. Steele, President and CEO
First Volunteer Bank

J.J. Blake IIIWe paid for the full three-year program in the first month with a fee from a single client by following the new sales process we learned. We then went on to replicate those same results over and over again. But the real miracle is the transformation in our workplace culture. Read interview with J.J. Blake III

J.J. Blake III, President and CEO
Peoples State Bank