Does Your Strategic Plan Have THIS?

I’ve had the opportunity to review hundreds (maybe thousands at this point) of strategic plans from community banks.

Sadly, most don’t have even ONE strategy in them.

They have goals, and visions, and purpose.

But no strategy.

Strategy is the “how we’re going to get it done” that you need once you leave the retreat.

Without it, you’ve got another binder for the office shelf, but nothing more.

In today’s video, you’ll discover the key to differentiating your bank. A concept author Seth Godin calls “The Purple Cow.”

By the end of this short video,

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Do you believe this?

For the last 18 months I’ve been “eavesdropping” on conversations at community banking conferences and what I’ve heard is shocking…

Bankers are being lied to…

And some are believing these “false truths”…

The history books are filled with common—accepted—beliefs…truths…

That aren’t true…

‘The world is flat…”

“The Earth is the center of the universe…”

“Bigfoot is real…”

“Premium rates only come on high-risk deals…”

In today’s video, I’ll reveal the three ‘lies of banking’ debunk each one,

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How to Get Real Results by Optimizing Your Sales Management Process



I believe that sales managers have one of the most difficult jobs. In this episode, I’m going to share how a sales manager can get more results with fewer headaches.

If you’re a sales manager or leader of sales managers and have everything all buttoned down, and you feel your sales management is optimized, you’ll love discovering in this episode how you can use that powerful platform to get even more results.

If you feel like your sales management is mediocre at best, well, you’re going to love this because it is your time for a breakthrough.

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The 3 Biggest Lies Told to Community Bankers

I’ve been eavesdropping in on conversations at banking conventions for the last 18 months and I have to tell you…I’m a little shocked.

Because again and again, I’ve heard very smart bankers repeat three…lies to one another. Now, I don’t think they’re “liars”—in fact, I’m sure they’re not. But I do think that they’ve lost their grip on the truth. So, today, right here, I’m going to debunk many of these so that you can inoculate yourself from them before you, too, are infected by these things that will cause you to not have great profitability.

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7 Startling Signs You’re Losing the NIM Battle

Is net interest margin compression a given?

It is for most banks…but it’s not for all banks. In fact, many banks are bringing up their net interest margin by 40, 50, 60, 100 basis points in a half a year to a year.

And if they can do it, perhaps you can.

So what are the seven telltale signs that you will have continued NIM compression?

Number one: You have people who believe that they have to match rate.

Beliefs drive results.

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For Community Bankers Who Want More Sales

So, congratulations! You now have mobile banking. That’s good news…and it’s also horrible news.

You probably haven’t thought about the fact that now that we have half of the lobby traffic already removed from our banks, we’re about to drive away the rest of it.

So, something is going to have to change…and what that is, is that your people will need to be getting out and having conversations.

And they can’t have just any conversations—they have to have meaningful, powerful conversations with your most successful customers who are affluent and who don’t want their time wasted.

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Are You Really Selling?


I’ve got a question for you: are your people really selling?

You see in a snow storm, all the plows are busy. The snow plowing companies answer their phones, they take jobs that competitors can’t do because they’re too busy, and everybody thinks they are selling, but they’re not really selling—there happens to be a snow storm.

Right now there’s a bit of a snow storm in banking. Times are relatively good, so people are calling you and asking you to do business. There’s a danger in that and the danger is your people are not doing what they need to be doing.

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When Purple is the New White – The Art of the Zag

Are you a bland commodity? IF so, you’re not going to get massive referrals and people talking about why you’re great.

In a seminar recently, I know many tables had ideas they wanted to share to an exercise I gave them. So, instead of asking who wanted to go first, I asked, “Whooo’s hot?”

Suddenly, everyone as on their feet.

What did they do? They yelled, they whistled, they cheered, they stomped their feet. And when they realized that every other table of ten was also yelling, whistling, cheering, and stomping, what do they do?

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Seven Secrets to Catching the Hungriest Fish

A teacher read a story to her second grade class about a village of fishermen. “Take out a sheet of paper,” she said, “and I’d like you each to draw a picture of the lake and the fishermen from the story.”

The class began drawing big blue lakes with boats scattered across the water. As the teacher walked around, she noticed the work of one girl. Instead of scattering the boats across the water, the girl had drawn all of the boats clustered in one small cove of the lake.

“That’s interesting,” said the teacher.

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