Profit-Growth Banking™ Sales Culture Summit

Are you fed up and frustrated, worried and anxious, frankly annoyed with…the commoditization of banking and your community bank, with marketing and sales that never seems to move the needle, and the unrelenting delivery of ever-more-crippling regulations?

Dear Friend and Bank Builder,

It is NOT your imagination. You’re not “getting old” or “tired” or just feeling the weight of change and economy-driven stress more than you used to. It’s not you.

You are the target, unlike any time before in my 25 years working with top-performing community banks and their executives…you are under ATTACK!

Regulators have crossed the mote and are at the gate, battering ram set to knock down your castle door. Tech companies, eager to “play” in your “space,” as they call it, are tunneling beneath your feet and will soon breach the foundation of the community banking “fortress.” And, some of your community banking brethren have decided, better to retreat…by deep discounting…fueling the flames of commoditization. All while the “too big to fail” banks lob fiery arrows over your walls, picking off customers, even as you fight to defend your turf.

If that weren’t enough…you must, for the first time in a century, make the case for your very existence in the lives of the next generation of banking customers—The Millennials—who, according to Fast Company Magazine, believe that banks in general, and your bank, specifically, can and should be replaced by a tech startup!

You SHOULD be angered by it and – frankly – profoundly worried about it. Your bank will either grow profits faster or be eaten in a very near future. That is the reality.

Let me lay out for you three myths currently plaguing community banking…myths spread by media, by big-name consultancies, by “adopted industry norms”…

Myth #1 – Mass Commoditization: That commodity price competition is the “new reality of banking.” It’s understandable. The signs all seem to point to “low price” being the new and supreme differentiator in banking. Well my friend, if price mattered so much, the only store in your town or city would be Walmart, the only place to take your spouse on a date would be McDonalds and a cup of coffee would cost a quarter and come with two options—cream or sugar.

Mass Commoditization is the trap that causes your otherwise good lenders to line up at your door ready to sell you on why you need to match a rate you don’t like to “win the business.” Sounds good in the moment, but as they say…“the path to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

Myth #2 – The False Choice of Fast Growth, Profit or Safety: Conventional wisdom in the industry says that you can have fast growth, strong profits or increased safety…you just can’t have all three at once. Believers in this myth sacrifice growth for profit and safety or sacrifice safety to get fast growth and bigger profits, or give up profits, succumb to discounting, for growth and safety.

But you CAN grow fast, do it by attracting only A+ quality credits and get every one of them at extreme premium pricing. We’ve helped hundreds of banks do it. It is proven fact and repeatable, predictable formula.

Myth #3 – The Myth of Inertia: That, well…“big improvements take time.” Nonsense. We specialize in moving needles FAST, FAST, FAST and keeping them there, permanently. Change need not, should not, take a long time. Results can be immediate. Big results, massive turnarounds, can be engineered in mere months, not years.

Don’t Go to a Gunfight With a Pocket Knife

The threats to your existence are real, present and serious. And the accepted strategies, the conventional wisdom, the old and tired playbook most banks are using to deal with them are, frankly, inadequate…too weak for the task at hand.

When sales are off, the knee-jerk call from the C-Suite for “sales training” comes down…but not in 25 years have I ever heard a bank CEO proclaim, “We did sales training last year and our numbers are still going up, up, up!”


It won’t EVER work, because you don’t have a sales training problem…if your people aren’t getting premium pricing on all the best accounts in your market…regularly “stealing” them from competitors…then a handful of scripts and a little role play won’t change it.

They aren’t getting those accounts and prices now, because they don’t believe they’re worth it. Your results won’t change until you change that.

It’s not your fault…it’s logical to think sales training is a cure when, by itself, it’s nothing more than a Band-Aid® over cancer.

More marketing won’t work…I DARE YOU to take ads from your bank and three of your competitors…strip the logos and go out and see if, when presented to prospects, they can tell you which one is from your bank. You don’t need “more marketing” you need different marketing…marketing tuned into the Top 100 and 1000 prospects in each of your markets. Marketing that speaks into what they value—the real reasons they will pay more than the lowest possible rate. Marketing that’s accountable to and delivers a real, measurable return on the money you invest in it.

Again…not your fault. For a half-century, marketing education was focused on “branding” as the magic elixir that drives customers…lately it’s social media. Both may be fine if you’re Coca-Cola or Merck with dump-truck-loads of money to pour into marketing, but I’m betting your budget may be a bit more “real.”

Customer service doesn’t make you different…If I had a dollar for every bank exec that said to me “our key differentiator is our commitment to customer service”…really? Every bank says they focus on customer service. If everybody’s saying it, you joining the chorus does not help you stand out…but I understand the temptation to sing along.

The Solution That Over 114 Bank CEOs Have Referred to as “A Miracle!”

Over the last 25 years we have worked with more than 300 banks and thousands of bank executives to install what I call The Franchise System of Banking in their bank. This system is a complete, integrated, approach to rapidly transform your results, improving all key metrics of your bank:

  • Net interest margin…many of our clients see increases of 40, 50, even 100 basis points in as little as one-year.
  • Fast, profitable and safe loan growth.
  • Massively improved ROA.
  • Over the moon customer experiences that drive crazy referral business.
  • Happy, productive and profitable staff that come to work fired up about the mountain you’re climbing together.

Our flagship event and summit—Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit—is the ONLY program that reveals an integrated strategy, marketing, sales, service and accountability system…it is, if you will, the bootcamp for high-performing bankers.

Our Clients Routinely Cycle All of Their Executives, Board Members, and Employees Through The Summit…It is The ONLY PLACE for You to Discover What They Know…To Discover the System for High-Performance Banking

If you’re ready to discover a holistic, comprehensive and integrated system for fast, fast, fast growth, while simultaneously growing net interest margin and increasing safety I recommend you make plans to attend the next Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit…

If you’re serious about improving the performance of your bank…of increasing profits, while simultaneously reducing risk, creating fast growth and “plussing” the quality of your customers, then this is an event you must attend.

Your Biggest Risk is Not Attending
Your Return on Investment is Guaranteed


Our 10x Results or Your Money Back DOUBLE Guarantee

If by noon the second day, you’re not cured of your disbelief, once again giddy with excitement about the future of your bank and thoroughly convinced that this is the most valuable two days you’ll invest all year, simply say so to any member of my staff and we’ll refund your ENTIRE investment, plus, pay you up to $500 per person for documented travel expenses. OR…stay for the entire event and if after three months you’ve fully implemented at least five of the ideas we’ve shared and haven’t received a tenfold return on your investment in this bootcamp, we’ll refund your entire registration fee.

Do Not Delay or Deliberate…Slow Bankers Will Be Left Out

Our client banks have already snapped up the lion’s share of the seats at this event. If history is a guide, we will turn away 28 good bankers from this Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit. Every Summit is sold out weeks in advance. This one is quickly nearing capacity.

The race to grab the remaining seats is on. I’m hoping you won’t be one of the ones we have to turn away, with the summit full “to the gills” with bankers who took decisive action to get the edge.

For a very limited time, because we are still weeks away from the Summit, you may still be able to grab seats for you, your key leaders, and board members…but hurry!

The more you bring, the faster the results because implementation requires you get your strategies and systems in alignment. Bringing board members and top execs along with a few movers and shakers to implement is the fastest way to create massive needle movement.

Now is the time for action. Are you in or out?

To your success!

Roxanne Emmerich

CEO, The Emmerich Group

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