Profit-Growth Banking

pgbIronclad Strategies for a Profit-Rich Breakthrough


Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit is a hands-on marketing, culture and sales management “boot camp” dedicated to giving you REAL strategies that are immediately actionable and eminently productive.

It gets you focused on growing profits, performance and high-margin sales. And it’s tailored to deliver exactly  what smart banks need to do to achieve record years during challenging times.

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Permission To Be Extraordinary® Permission To Be Extraordinary®

Radically rewire your mind about your possibilities and your ability to transform others and lead. Raise your consciousness and tap into your power to lead extraordinary change, far beyond the applauded successes you’ve already created. Don’t wait another minute!

Permission to Be Extraordinary® is just the program to take you to the next level, all in 48 hours!

I always believed our bank team was head and shoulders above other community banks when it came to caring for our customers. However, after only one month with Roxanne Emmerich®, our team has exuded a greater sense of energy, enthusiasm, and passion than ever before and people have noticed. I have both new customers, as well as long time customers, telling me that it “feels” good to come into our bank. When you consider banking is really a commodity, how people “feel” can make all the difference between getting or keeping a bank customer.

Ginger Martin, President & CEO, American National Bank

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Roxanne Emmerich

Roxanne Emmerich’s programs have helped hundreds of clients double their customer satisfaction scores within 30 days of just one presentation. Many have reported sales growth and profit growth of 25% to more than 100% within 6 months.

If you’re looking for a major change in the mindset of your audience, Roxanne is the perfect fit for your company event.

Roxanne’s most requested presentations

  • Thank God It’s Monday!®
  • Marketing Your Way to Top 5 Percent Performers
  • 7 Secrets of the Top 5 Percent

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ZERORISK Hiring System

People are the most important element contributing to the success-or failure-of organizations. The risks arising from hiring the wrong person for a job are enormous-lost productivity, reduced morale, missed opportunities.

On the other hand, the rewards of placing the right person in the right position can be equally great- increased profits, higher productivity, and improved morale. Indeed, employee selection may be a manager’s most important function. With so much at stake, doesn’t it make sense to apply a logical and thorough management process to the employee selection problem?

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