The Heavily-Guarded Secret “How-To System” used to double cross sales in 4 months, increase net interest margin by 50-150 basis points in one year, and…

Help You Get To the Top 5 Percent in Two Years or Less… and Stay There!

Do you wish you could recover the 37 percent of an average manager’s day that’s spent dealing with low performers or dysfunctional behavior? Are you tired of missed goals, “this too shall pass” initiatives, excuses that are normalized as a replacement for results, and other accountability breakdowns? Had enough of employee drama—gossip, whining, and the endless “reasons” why predictable outcomes with massive ROI aren’t pouring out of each payroll dollar?

You’re not alone…

Finally…a solution to take away the chaos and replace it with a predictable success model that has worked for thousands of bankers, transforming their results from average to stellar within months.

Let’s face it. There are at least 100 ways to do every job…but there is only one way that will get you the best result with the least expense and effort EVERY time.

What if you could take that ideal approach for that job, institutionalize it, then repeat that process hundreds of times for every position to make sure everything you do optimizes results—meetings that create massive ROI, lenders who bring in $50 million in A+ credits yearly instead of $15 million in B or C credits, and managers who optimize every system and employee to make sure a new location is profitable within 9 months, every time?

And then, what if you could use that “success template” over and over again to make sure every acquisition or new endeavor is successful because the system to get optimal results is clear and carefully followed?

That’s just a start.

In this one-of-a-kind session, you will benefit from a quarter-century of research The Emmerich Group has done, working with the top banks in this country to get them and keep them in the top 5 percent—so you too can begin to implement systems to create more results with less time.

You’re invited to be a part of this 2-day landmark event.

Leadership Training for Executives

In this one-of-a-kind session, you will benefit from a quarter century of research The Emmerich Group has done working with the top banks in this country to get them and keep them in the top 5%and you too, can begin to implement systems to create more results with less time.


  • Learn a step-by-step system that gets your people focused on achieving the results you want—and spending every minute of their day on activity that matters (instead of chasing their tails on low-impact work).
  • Understand how to build ongoing systems of accountability and improvement that make it clear to everyone your culture transformation isn’t just another “this too shall pass” initiative.
  • Discover how to get your team creating real results REGARDLESS of the economy. No kidding.
  • Understand how to align the entire team to meet those Five Critical Drivers that allow more success with less effort.
  • Discover how to get everyone aboard the “happy bus”—and proactively working on tangible goals—while eliminating the energy vampires that can reduce productivity and poison an entire branch.
  • Recover your sanity and joy for banking.
  • Reclaim your life by eliminating the anger and frustration that results from trying to manage the unmanageable.

What do other managers and executives say after attending this event?

“Words fail me.”
G. Trowbridge | President, RSI Bank

“The ‘how-to’ steps to get yourself focused on getting your people to be great!”
P. Steele | President & CEO, First Volunteer Bank

“High-Impact Training & Facilitating helped give me a “hands on” experience in planning, delivering and coaching that really results in behavior changes– not just for the time in the session, but actual on-the-job changes.”
S. Hovell | Senior Vice President, Merchants National Bank

“Lead The Transformation provides powerful tools to make awesome things happen.”
M. Johnson | CEO, First Citizens

“Simple, actionable techniques!”
T. Morgan | Manager, Xerxes Corporation

“Roxanne’s program is a common sense approach that truly transforms organizations by bringing the ‘genius’ out of everyone!”
D. Marshall | SVP, South Adams Savings Bank

By sending your key executives and department managers, you can guarantee that they’ll return knowing how to get your desired results by turning strategy in action. This is the most important couple of days you will spend this year. Do NOT miss this session.

Your managers and executives will not only learn these detailed strategies, Roxanne will show them how to systematize it all, so it’s a franchisable formula you can repeat in branch after branch (ideal if you plan to acquire new institutions as the industry consolidates again throughout 2016).

They’ll also get powerful management tools when they participate including:

  • “Strategy Circles” Planning Tool—a guided process that helps your managers plan 2013 activity starting with your end goals in mind
  • Easy project-planning guidelines and checkpoints that make every project succeed
  • A meetings formula that fosters buy-in for new initiatives and right action toward performance goals
  • A “Unique Competencies Chart” that helps define the critical skills necessary to each staff position AND that helps get the right people in the right seat of your bus
  • A formula for achieving Whole Team Accountability including performance plans, quarterly plans and reviews
  • A complete Celebration Plan that not only creates energy throughout your entire bank, but also helps focus on continually exceeding your stated goals

This is the most important two days you will spend this year.

Do NOT miss this session!

Leadership Training for Executives

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