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Profit-Growth Banking SummitMy name is Roxanne Emmerich... and you may have heard me speak at the ABA Convention or one of the many regional and state banking conventions I've keynoted in 49 states. I know what it takes to run a successful bank because I've been at the helm of a multitude of high-performing banks, and have worked with the top 5% of America's highest performing institutions. Every year, I host my own banking event–Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit—designed to move banks ahead rapidly... with better ratios, more profitable commercial loans, easier premium pricing, better committee approval rates, more loan completions, better customer service and a system of attracting the best and most profitable customers from the local community. After nearly two decades in the banking industry, I've seen it all. Here’s what one bank CEO had to say about the process...
Since working with you, we’ve grown from $238 million to $368 million…a 54.49% increase, net income grew from $2.1 million to $4.1 million…a 95.2% increase, and earning assets grew from $213 million to $332 million—a 55.66% increase. Net interest margin increased from 3.90 to 4.32, and we’re operating with 1.25% or less past dues. We did this without growing staff.

G. Majors, President and CEO, The Hardin County Bank

Could your bank soon be talking about results like these? You can.

At the Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit I’ll deliver a hands-on marketing, culture and sales management “boot camp” dedicated to giving you REAL strategies that are immediately actionable. This seminar is applauded by the fastest growing and most profitable banks in the country as a cornerstone program for their management teams. It's based on the principle that marketing is not a department—it is a mindset and all must have it.

In fact, I can pinpoint a few of the problems likely facing your bank...

  • Your customer service is very, very good. But your people aren't cross-selling as well as they should—nor are they proactively selling the most profitable products to the best prospects. They're missing their targets, and you wonder how other banks are cross-selling up to five new products for every opened account.
  • While you've trained and trained, your people can't seem to move the conversation from rate inquiry to value-pricing—so they continue matching rates. As a result, your net interest margin is now on life support.
  • You have plenty of cash to lend to qualified commercial accounts, yet loan officers still tell you, "No one's borrowing." Your loan committee wonders why loan origination is down, why the few packages they do get seem to be based on matching rates, and yet the loans still don't close despite everyone's time and effort.
  • You just read another exception report and wonder if there's a way to attract the most qualified businesses and borrowers in your key geographic and vertical markets.
  • You've cut expenses to the point that you've endangered your ability to turn things around quickly and regain profitability, if necessary. You now know you can't keep applying short-term solutions to long-term problems... but you're feeling nervous and stuck.
  • You're doing a lot of things right, but you suspect your people aren't really aligned with the bank's overall goals. In fact, some days they're frankly disengaged. You wonder whether Gallup's research is true: That the average bank loses 1 out of 3 payroll dollars due to disengaged employees.
  • Your middle managers are good people who care... but they don't really know how to build an organization of accountability. As a result, few if any are focused on key profitability indicators like ROA or ROE—or even know how they can contribute to these numbers.
  • You know there's an opportunity in the bad news you just heard from a neighboring bank, but you're frustrated because you KNOW your people have no idea how to siphon off its best customers and largest depositors over the next several—and critical—weeks.
  • You've spent tons of money on service training, sales training, strategic help, assessments and improving your culture... however, it's not sustainable and NONE of these efforts seem to bring a significant boost to your bottom line.

Roxanne EmmerichGrowing banks the smart way is why I originated Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit.

For the past 24 years, I've worked with over half of the banks in the top 5% of performance—and those who want to get there—to achieve immediate and sustainable performance breakthroughs. Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit is a hands-on marketing, culture and sales management "boot camp" dedicated to giving you REAL strategies that are immediately actionable and eminently productive. It gets you focused on growing profits, performance and high-margin sales. And it's tailored to deliver exactly what smart banks need to do to achieve record years during challenging times. What do other bankers say about their RESULTS after attending the Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit?
We increased our ROA to 2.23 and net interest margin to 6. The culture change has transformed our bank. Our CFO, who heads our Hoopla Team®, now thinks the sky is the limit. Everybody who goes to the Profit-Growth Banking event comes back saying, ‘This changed the way I think in my personal life, too.’”

K. Beckemeyer, President and CEO, Legence Bank

"Profit-Growth Banking helps participants understand the culture and methods which are proven to create and sustain profitable growth in their institutions. It works!"

D. Adkisson, SVP and Senior Lender, The Hardin County Bank

"The day after attending Profit-Growth Banking, our CSR used the needs assessment techniques you taught with a customer opening a new account.  Guess what?  The customer pulled a $250,000 check from his billfold and opened an account! The additional cross-sales that are materializing are amazing.  This is only a fraction of what's happening here since attending the event.

J. J. Blake, Regional President, MidSouth Bank

September 23-25 in Chicago is
When I'll Hold the Next Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit

This is a must-attend event for CEOs, presidents, executives, vice presidents, and top producers who want to learn the new "norms" used by top performing banks—with in-depth detail that gets your staff excited about implementing these strategies right away. (In fact, most banks send two to three key people in order to effect rapid change once they return home.) Here's what you and your team will discover at the event:
  • A proven system that let's you command premium pricing on loans and services.
  • The key to selling customers products they already want from your bank—cross-selling up to five additional products per household and saving marketing dollars in the process.
  • Strategies for keeping top depositors...even when stock markets and rates take off again.
  • The two-minute script that converts rate inquiries into value-priced loan applications!
  • The only way to effectively recruit more profit-rich commercial accounts using data you already have at your fingertips.
  • Proven ways to change the culture at your bank so that staff, managers, loan officers—everyone is aligned with the bank's goals.
  • Strategies for siphoning off the best retail customers and business accounts from weak, neighboring banks—without putting your capital at risk.

The Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit Sells Out Every Year.

But even so, we guarantee you'll experience such lasting value from your education investment that we offer an iron-clad, no-risk guarantee.

If by 11:00 a.m. on the second day of the event you are not absolutely convinced that this is the most valuable seminar you've attended in your banking career, let us know and we'll refund your entire registration fee. Not only that, if after three months you have fully implemented at least five of the ideas we shared and haven't received a tenfold return on your investment, we'll refund your entire registration fee.

Profit-Growth Banking SummitRegister yourself below and your team to join me or call (952) 820-0360. This Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit will sell out, so don't delay. Register now. In your service, Roxanne Emmerich P.S. This could be your best year ever—implementing the same systems top-performing banks use.

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