Hoopla event- Emmerich Group

Hoopla Team® Training —
April 14, 2016, Minneapolis, MN

Re-energize your team to go back and boost the culture of your bank to an even higher level

Perfect for exec team representatives along with your entire Hoopla Team®. A one-day event packed with results-driven ideas and templates that work. As the first-of-its-kind event last year, it was applauded by the teams who went back to their banks re-energized with a bag full of tricks. It enabled them to do their jobs better and in less time. As the torch bearers of your bank’s powerful vision and in charge of growing the culture at your bank, your team will discover the secret breakthroughs of other Hoopla Teams and how they make them happen, even in these difficult times!

Is Your Hoopla Team® Struggling in These Areas?

  • You need to know how to create better results in less time
  • After spending hours on planning your roll outs, some of your campaigns really bomb
  • Your senior management team isn’t visibly involved, and it’s not clear if they buy into the Hoopla spirit
  • You think there is a need to rotate a few people off the team, but you don’t want to hurt any feelings
  • You tried everything you can think of, but there’s always those few who just won’t get on board
  • You lose the energy and momentum needed to carry out your mission

“It’s all about the Hoopla!”

The Problem…

Banks have been talking about culture transformation for years, but have struggled to find ways to create methods for the consistent infusion of energy, making each Moment of Truth a living, breathing part of the everyday culture. Worse yet, those who have made a serious effort to do so often run into time and budget constraints along with lack of motivation and accountability, so the results are temporary, or even counter-productive!

Are you ready for a breakthrough? Would you like to have a step-by-step template of the breakthrough practices of the top performing banks?

Announcing…the solution… The Hoopla Seminar

Here it is, the integrated Hoopla Seminar from the author of the new Thank God It’s Monday!® How to Create a Workplace You and Your Customers Love.

Hoopla Seminar Strategies

Discover ways to create meaningful, fun, and memorable events in your organization engaging 100% of your people while ignoring all the doom and gloom!

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Review of the Hoopla Team® basics—and how to recruit the best teams.
  • Realize you are keepers of the culture—learn how to spot and deal with those who push back.
  • Walk away with your year of roll outs planned, fine tuned and optimized for breakthrough results.
  • Understand the basics beyond all the ‘hoopla’ to drive results that match your organization’s needs.
  • Discover the secret techniques of other Hoopla Teams by sharing what really works, as well as what doesn’t!
  • Understand how to manage the arm crossers and how to engage even the toughest nay-sayers.
  • Discover solutions that will have your leadership team singing the Hoopla Team’s praises.
  • Craft employee orientation process that sets them on the right path—right away!

You’ll take back:

  • Plan sure-fire techniques for dynamite roll outs.
  • Create standards that are tangible and really mean something to your team.
  • Map out plans for quarterly celebrations that build a fully engaged culture.
  • Improvise unbeatable skits to take back, ready to roll out.
  • Take away “best practices” so you won’t ever have to reinvent the wheel.

SORRY, CLIENT-ONLY EVENT: Call The Emmerich Group at (952) 820-0360.