How Can YOU Make Your Customer Service a Competitive Advantage?

It’s a fast way to increase your services per household AND your net-interest margin.

Our mystery shopping program is designed to stop order taking forever!!!

Mystery shopping is a great way to find out how your customers view your bank.

Getting an objective, anonymous third-party assessment of the customer experience you are providing is the best way to see if your employees are delivering what you expect.

Why do you want to engage a mystery shopping service in your bank? Because…

  • You need to check on the real-life experiences your staff is delivering to prospective customers… if you want to accurately identify areas of concern, and have a benchmark to measure results. The objective of the program is to give you a report of the experiences of prospective customers, so you can focus on the areas that, when addressed, provide you with increased effectiveness in growing your bank.
  • Your mystery-shopping report should help grow your managers and hold them accountable—it is not just a front-line issue.
  • Your mystery-shopping program should be tied with roll outs of training and tied together as a system to maximize your ROI.
  • It reinforces that service and sales are not an event, but a continual process.

Work with a leading mystery shopping company with almost 20 years of history serving banks and banks only!

There are many mystery shopping companies out there… but there is only one if you are committed to a solid return on investment and immediate results.

The ONLY bank mystery shopping approach guaranteed to follow the Profit-Growth Sales System™ and turn rate inquiries into sales.

In my opinion, you can not successfully change any behavior without measurement and accountability. That is what mystery shopping accomplishes. Using The Emmerich Group allows for a non-biased, convenient, effective shop from a group that knows exactly what we are looking for.

J. D. Burnett, CEO, Libertyville Savings Bank

Our bank was extremely impressed with the efficiency, timeliness and eye for detail that The Emmerich Group provided to us during our mystery shopping. Your group was responsive and very helpful whenever we needed guidance and support. You made our experience successful—we had lots of fun and enjoyed every minute. You rock!

R. J. Reed, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Salisbury Bank and Trust Company

We found mystery shopping to be tremendously helpful. The comments are the most valuable thing and your shoppers really know their stuff. The shoppers are right on and even “help” the employee or give them the opportunity to do the right thing. Quick turnaround and delivery makes coaching easy and quick. Personalizing the mystery shopping form to meet our needs was really great since we have different expectations. Totally awesome in every way!!!!

T. Flynn, Vice President of Marketing, Peoples State Bank

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