“I’ve always said that if our competitors got a hold of Roxanne’s information, we’d be in trouble. Fortunately, we found her first. Roxanne’s system works—especially during times like these.”

A.Tubbs, CEO
Ohnward Bancshares and
Past President of
American Bankers Association

“Before we worked with The Emmerich Group, we had tried many consultants and training programs with little or no improvement. Within 30 days of our Kick-Butt Kick-Off®, we grew more than we had in the previous 10 years combined—35% annualized in 30 days! The growth of deposits and loans can only be described as a miracle and the profits were up 44%. Ongoing growth has soared from there. The systems keep taking us further.”

P. Steele, President and CEO
First Volunteer Bank

"I’ve been fighting with how to do a call program for 20 years…people just go out and try to stick their head in the door to get a name on the list so they don’t look bad when they come in to the call meeting, but there was never really a way to measure the effectiveness of the calls. This ACES program does that. It was like the lights went off. I can’t wait to see where we are six months from now."

K. Burgess, Chairman
FirstCapital Bank of Texas

“We never even dreamed we could get a net interest margin over 5.0. We increased net interest margin by about 100 basis points in just one year. It’s just like you said, the A+ credits now bring in A+ credits…and they don’t expect us to match pricing.”

K. Beckemeyer,
President and CEO
Legence Bank

"Simple step-by-step process to learn how to handle a call, handle negative reactions, and close the deal."

K. Coats, Vice President
Intermountain Community Bancorp

"This was a great sales presentation. I would recommend anyone in sales or sales training to take this class."

J. Farris, Life/Health Insurance Agent
Eastwood Bank

“I have been an association professional development executive at my bank for years, and this is the best executive development program I’ve seen. “

M. Riley, former CEO
St. Stephen State Bank

“The personal and professional growth transformation that I made at the Summit was exponential.”

J. Wayman, President and CEO
ESB Financial

"Excellent ideas and specific tools for better sales management."

O. Morgan, Regional President
Citizens Bank Minnesota

“Phenomenal! A mind bending experience.”

P. Lemere, EVP
Greenfield Savings Bank

"If you want to become a ‘valuable asset’ to your employer, you ‘must’ take this seminar!"

T. Cory, Assistant VP and
Branch Manager
The First Citizens National Bank

"Roxanne is amazing! She offers some simple, common sense strategies to turn your workplace into an extraordinary place to work."

E. Martinez, SVP Loan Operations
American National Bank

"If you have been in sales for 30 minutes or 30 years you need to attend to triple your income in 12 months and upward after that forever."

J. Hewgley, President
First Volunteer Insurance

“We’ve moved from 3.3 services per household to 4.3 in 30 months. Loan growth was up $100 million in less than five months during the heart of a recession while we improved loan quality. Return on equity increased from 7.18% to 10.44% in a year. Net interest margin increased from 3.63% to 3.95% in a year with two major building projects factored in.

And we had a breakthrough in spirit. In 2005, when we started with The Emmerich Group, our income was $9.3 million and for year end of 2008, we were at $12.7 million—a 33.6% growth since we started the program.”

J. Marcuccilli, CEO
T. Wright, President
STAR Financial

"The most powerful and useful seminar I’ve attended in years. I hated the word ‘sales’ until now!"

S. Waldon, Personal Business Banker
United Community Bank

"The best of Roxanne. I feel like I can take this right out of the box and use it."

D. Updegraff, Vice President Human Resources
Ohnward Bancshares, Inc.

“In the last six years of working with you, we’ve grown from $264 to $555 million—an annual compounded growth rate of 11%, revenue grew from $12.2 million to $25 million, our employee engagement index is strong.

Our net Promoter Score is 9.04. The annual strategic plans have really helped us stay focused. The key initiatives and key indicators we developed to measure our progress are extremely valuable to our senior management team.”

P. Tieskoetter, President and CEO
Eastwood Bank

“Since working with you, we’ve grown from $238 million to $368 million…a 54.49 percent increase, net income grew from $2.1 million to $4.1 million…a 95.2% increase, and earning assets grow from $213 million to $332 million—a 55.66 percent increase. Net interest margin increased from 3.90 to 4.32, and we’re operating with 1.25 or less past dues.

We did this without growing staff. We now target only A+ credits like you taught us. We cycle several people through the Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit every year. It’s a part of who we are. You’ve taught me to take myself lightly and my results seriously.”

G. Majors, President and CEO
The Hardin County Bank

“Energy, Energy, Energy, Energy! Roxanne does it well; we are pumped!”

S. Bradley, CEO
United Prairie Bank

“Our department has changed so much in the last couple of months. We all look forward to go to work each day.” —

C. Gordon, CCO Assistant
Guaranty Bank

“The Emmerich Group has transformed people you would have never thought could be changed.”

A. Masterson, Branch Manager

“Profit-Growth Banking provides practical and natural techniques that actually work!”

R. Richey, SVP
First Capital Bank of Texas

“All banks are concerned about their bottom line; the bottom line on this program is that it works!!”

T. Taylor, CCO
KS Bank

“This program gets you out of the box of dullness and into the great light of positive energy. Systematic work gets done well!”

E. W. Worley, Jr., COO
KS Bank

“Since working with you, we have a Net Promoter Score of 9.5 while the industry average is 8.1. We were just amazed. The hoopla and huddle effort is phenomenal. What I’m seeing every day with these people is leading—they are standing right there with their hands up in the air wanting to share successes. "Can I, can I, can I?" We have to cut them off to get on with our day.

I’ve been in banking too many years to speak of and this is the first time I’ve ever seen a company engage an initiative across at the board—everybody. Our team is amazed at the difference in the approach and effectiveness of this sales training. We put a sign on our door after the Kick-Off that says, MetaBank, established 1954, reborn 9-14-11. Everybody that hit that back door had tears in their eyes. It was so moving because it was real to everyone. Like you said, the magic happens.”

B. Koopman, Senior Vice President
of Retail Bank Operations

“I am leaving the conference with the tools I need to totally change the way I approach potential prospects and convert them to customers.”

A. Kintzle, Commercial Lender

“I regret this training comes so late in my banking career. Having this 30 years ago would have saved me incredible frustration and disappointment and generated greater success in my career.”

D. Thibault, Executive Vice President
Landmark National Bank

“This was definitely the most informative and useful sales training I have received in my 38 years of banking.”

Bill Wheelock, Senior Vice President
Adams Community Bank

“This has been the most effective workshop I have attended. The opportunity to achieve great things lies within each of us. This will help you take the blinders off and rekindle your passion for living life to the fullest.”

B. Vasaly, EVP/Chief Credit Officer
Bank of OakRidge

“We paid for the full three-year program in the first month with a fee from a single client by following the new sales process we learned. We then went on to replicate those same results over and over again. But the real miracle is the transformation of our workplace culture.”

J. J. Blake, Regional President
MidSouth Bank

“One of the most valuable things The Emmerich Group has taught us is to become disciplined in putting processes and systems in place. When you have a solid system, it makes execution a whole lot easier. We’ve grown from $180 to $250 million in two years.”

D. Blachford, President
Liberty Bank

“It’s based on becoming a better human and creating an awesome work environment.”

D. Castle, SVP
Lincoln Savings Bank

“This has done wonders for our bank. It really shows throughout all departments and branches. It all starts at the top so hold them accountable.”

A. Hards, Personal Banking Officer
Landmark National Bank

“I thought I was the best employee doing the best job possible and there was no way I could do better – I was so wrong – I found my ‘aha’ moment.”

D. Lykes, Banking Officer
Commercial Lending
Coppermark Bank

“Roxanne is ‘the one’ when it comes to profit-growth banking! Nobody I’ve heard in 40 years of banking has it down like her!”

S. Tscherter, CEO
Lincoln Savings Bank






“This is a great time of opportunity for us. Many of our competitors continue to struggle while we are having a tremendous success story… our profits are strong, our leadership team is strong, our people are engaged, and we are spending money smarter than ever before.

TEG provides a great framework to allow this to happen. Instead of running traditional ads as we did for the previous 10 years with little feedback, by doing our top 100 approach we are making incredible magic happen with our customers.”

C. O’Brien, President & CEO
Adams Community Bank

‘Permission to Be Extraordinary challenged me to think way beyond my normal range for the benefit of my entire organization.

J. Hawkins, President
Anchor Bank

“Anyone who holds the sales records of IBM over the past several years deserves/warrants our close attention.”

M. Russo, Vice President
Greenfield Savings Bank

"This is a great, very basic, understandable seminar that I can put into action immediately when I return to work. No frills, no fluff!"

J. McCreary, Regional President
Star Financial Bank

“This was a life changing experience."

D. Updegraff, Vice President
Ohnward Bancshares Inc.

"It is important that I acknowledge you as I bask in the glow of one of my greatest direct selling achievements to date. The prize I’m referring to happens to also rank as my company’s best direct sale of the quarter and within the top five of the year. I’m so grateful to you for your commitment to the craft of selling."

T. Burke, Sales Manager

“I’ve been to hundreds of seminars as CEO of several banks. I learned more in two days at the Profit-Growth Banking™ Summit than I did in all the other seminars combined.

D. Solsby, SVP and Director
of Business Banking
Independence Bank

“We recently closed a $5.4 million dollar loan with a great company one hour away from our nearest branch. There had to be a hundred banks closer than Blackhawk. Proximity wasn’t important nor was price. At no time in all of the discussions, did the issue of price come up. When the principals closed the loan in my office, they remarked that our way of doing business was nothing like they had ever experienced before. It showed skeptics of the Profit-Rich Sales™ process that you can get premium pricing even in a cutthroat competitive environment.”

R. Bastian, President
Blackhawk Bank

“Roxanne rocked my world! She can help you enhance and expand your leadership ability.”

M. Hannley, President
Bank of Tucson

We saw an increase in deposits while competitors were losing deposits. We just finished our very best year EVER! We have also experienced double digit growth year after year, we’re at our annual deposit growth today already for the year.

We experienced significant deposit growth during this time when consumers were losing faith with the banking community.”

D. Barr, COO
Citizens National Bank

"This is a ‘master class’ in sales training. Fabulous! This was a great investment of two days that will yield massive results for our sales process."

C. O’Brien, President and CEO
South Adams Savings

"You cannot successfully change any behavior without measurement and accountability. That is what mystery shopping accomplishes. Using The Emmerich Group allows for a non-biased, convenient, effective shop from a group that knows exactly what we are looking for."

J. Burnett, CEO
Libertyville Savings Bank

"On our first call using this new system, we picked up a $520,000 fee! Then, we did it again! We would NEVER not follow this sales system. We know better."

D. Hopper, Executive Vice President
Peoples State Bank of Many

“This program gives you great insights into development and how to create an environment with the best chemistry. It goes without saying that it greatly enhances the accuracy of your hiring decisions.”

S. Anderson, COO
River Valley State Bank

“This is a personal and professional growth opportunity on steroids! It impacts all aspects of life and camaraderie with classmates is priceless.”

M. Doppler, CEO
Profinium Financial Inc.

“We grew 21 percent while decreasing FTEs by 11 percent and raising net interest margin 52 basis points since working with you. 100 percent of our new loan customers are referrals from current customers or centers of influence.

Not a week goes by when I don’t get a call from a client complimenting my staff. I don’t even remember it happening before we made this shift.

Our top 100 customers are sending business our way, and we’re not really having to work hard to get new business. And our lenders don’t even try or ask to meet the pricing of the competition. They know they’re worth more. A few years ago, they wouldn’t have believed they were worth the extra money.”

K. Miller, President and CEO
The Farmers Bank

“Come in with an open mind and a blank slate and you will have your world rocked (…or ‘Roxed’)!”

D. Cottle, Electronic Banking Officer
Coppermark Bank

“If the world had the same philosophy that was learned here, the world would be a better place.”

J. Klein, Call Center Manager
Landmark National

“The Emmerich Program has changed my life, both at home and at work, in many ways. Thank you!”

J. Cummings, AVP Team Leader
Blackhawk Bank

"The Emmerich Group has given back the joy in job – I am better to myself, my employees, and my customers.”

A. Scruggs, AVP
Guaranty Bank

“Many banks share the same frustration with their organizational culture. The seminar provided many tools to address these issues.”

J. Weldon, CFO
United Prairie Bank

“One of the most important features of the program is the systems that back the program up.”

M. Zierden, Business Development
United Prairie Bank

"No matter how well you think your strategic plan has been prepared in the past, I guarantee you will come away from Think Tank with a higher and deeper strategic plan."

K. Miller, CEO
The Farmers Bank

"Wow! Information that can be used in all areas of banking that you can’t be without."

K. Coats, Vice President
Intermountain Community Bancorp

"If you miss this you will be making a strategic mistake!”

S. A. Brady, President
Community Savings Bank

“We actually had an employee who said before we implemented the new culture initiatives adding fun and appreciation, that she did not enjoy her job and was suffering from depression over the loss of a relative among other things.

A couple of months after our program was in full force, she wrote to me saying her entire life had been transformed. She was now happy, enjoying her work, and just enjoying life again–she attributed it to the culture change sweeping our company.”

D. Pierce, COO

"This tool will allow me to be a more effective coach and understand the individuals’ gifts."

S. Flage, Regional Manager
River Valley State Bank

“Our loan growth was up $100 million in less than five months during the heart of a recession while we improved loan quality. Return on equity increased from 7.18% to 10.44% in a year. Net interest margin increased from 3.63 to 3.95% in a year.”

J. Marcuccilli, President and CEO
STAR Financial

“It is great to see other banks that are being successful at integrating Profit-Growth Banking at their banks. It’s also great to have the privilege of encouraging those banks that are kicking the tires and have not bought yet.”

J. Conway, Accounting Manager
Kennebec Federal Savings

“So glad I had the opportunity to come and learn how to feel comfortable and confident in sales. It doesn’t seem intimidating anymore.”

K. Hopper, Branch Manager
Guaranty Bank

“Roxanne and her group clearly know how to redefine the sales process and corporate culture to create an environment for success.”

C. Marcom, Commercial Relationship Manager
KS Bank

“The information was presented in a manner everyone of any position can understand how to implement and why it is important. Can’t wait to get started!”

R. Rader, Investment Development Manager, United Prairie Bank

“For someone completely new to the program, it gets you thinking about non-traditional ways to sell your bank to the community.”

B. Ray, VP
Midwest Bank of Western IL

"I learned more in the first 2 hours that will have a huge impact on our bank than I’ve learned at most conferences that I’ve been to in the last 5 years."

B. Smith, AVP
First National Bank of Gilmer

"This is a great way to improve profitable business by helping with time management so your lenders are not putting proposals in all over town."

K. Brewer, Senior Relationship Banker
Citizens National Bank

“We increased our ROA to 2.23 and net interest margin to 5.28. The culture change has transformed our bank. Our CFO, who heads our Hoopla Team®, now thinks the sky is the limit. Everybody who goes to the Profit-Growth Banking™ event comes back saying, "This changed the way I think in my personal life, too.”

K. Beckemeyer,
President and CEO
Legence Bank

“It really works–although I have only been with the organization for 3 weeks, it is truly one of the most pleasant places I have ever worked.”

S. Parish, Training
The Richwood Bank




  “Wow! Information that can be used in all areas of bank that you can’t be without."

K. Coats, Vice President
Intermountain Community Bancorp

“This seminar gave me great ways to shorten the sales cycle and eliminate wasteful calling efforts.”

J. Baumgartner, Vice President
Citizens Bank Minnesota

“Roxanne has the unique ability to break the ‘banker mentality’ and create true marketing CEOs.”

C. Hecker, President and CEO Panhandle State Bank

"Great tools to use to make sure we ask the right questions early on to eliminate unnecessary work."

T. Hoscheit, Vice President
Citizens Bank Minnesota

“Profit-Growth Banking™ helps participants understand the culture and methods which are proven to create and sustain profitable growth in their institutions. It works!”

D. Adkisson, SVP and Senior Lender
The Hardin County Bank

"Roxanne’s program is a common sense approach that truly transforms organizations by brining the ‘genius’ out of everyone!"

D. Marshall, SVP,
South Adams Savings Bank

“Our bank was a lazy underperformer until we discovered the TGIM process. Since our kick off, we’ve doubled in size and profits in just a few short years! The most important transformation though is that our people now expect to have a ball and to create success for themselves and the bank.”

A. McDonnell, Jr., President & CEO
Citizens National Bank

"I was at Profit-Rich Sales Management two years ago. It is amazing what I missed and didn’t implement over the last two years although our bank had meetings and calls on the sales process. After going through it the second time, a ‘light’ came on! It showed me how far I need to go and how far our bank needs to get. I recommend all going through this a couple of times."

T. Tucker, SVP
First Volunteer Bank

“Roxanne, with your help over the last four years, the culture of the bank has been entirely transformed into a positive, productive and fun workplace which has enhanced the overall customer experience and satisfaction. We can tell from our marketing analysis, the Bank’s reputation and brand awareness has improved. Our loan and deposit growth annually has averaged approximately 10% over this four year period and profitability continues to be strong. Customers have surely noticed the change as well as many strong qualified applicants looking for employment with us. We could not have done this without you. Thank you.”

P. Tieskoetter, CEO
Eastwood Bank

"I look to get 2-3 ‘things’ out of this training. I have 44 things I can take home. This was awesome. I will be back with co-workers!"

E. Johnson,
Business Development Director
First Bank of Baldwin

"Fantastic content and delivery. I would strongly recommend anyone involved in sales to attend."

J. Nelson, Senior Vice President
STAR Financial Bank

"Words fail me."

Greg Trowbridge, President
RSI Bank

"The ZERORISK Hiring System is a valuable tool when making hiring decisions on all levels within the organization."

J. Lohman, Marketing Director
Citizens Bank Minnesota

“This is awesome, exciting, and very practical. If you implement this program and stick to it, you ‘will’ be successful. You feel trained, prepared, and expect success on each call.”

B. Clarke,
Commercial Relationship Manager
KS Bank

“An amazing 2 days with hands-on training that transforms your mindset and business to positive results. It inspired me in many ways to be a better banker.”

B. McTucker, Branch Sales &
Customer Development Manager
Farmers State Bank

“I have learned more in these 2 days about culture than I have learned in any training. I now have a vision of where I want to go and am excited about getting there.”

J. Iwanicki, Loan Op Supervisor
Greenfield Savings

“The sales process system has given me an organized process to follow in pursuing new customers that will create more profit for one bank.”

A. Dixon, SVP
Guaranty Bank

“Roxanne is a great motivation, and outlines great sales strategies and tactics.”

D. Kohn, Regional VP
1st Enterprise Bank

“Since working with you, we have hit every goal in every department and location without exception. Some we exceeded by 100 percent! Every time I work with your group I am energized to be a better person.”

C. Hoffman, President
The Richwood Banking Co.

“It is a must conference to attend. I recommend it for all senior bankers.”

A. Tatum, SVP Loans
Cayman National Bank

"This was very useful to help me learn a professional process to obtain/retain more business."

C. Larsen, Senior Relationship Banker
Citizens National Bank

“Just because you think you know it all, this event will open your eyes.”

D. Wertzberger, SVP,
Manager Mortgage Banking
Landmark National Bank

“This is a phenomenal and eye-opening approach to the sales process. Take everything you learned in past sales training and throw it out the window. This program is a clear, concise, and well developed system that best of all doesn’t feel like sales!”

H. Chowning, Loan Officer
West Plains Bank and Trust

"We increased net interest margin from the 27th to 82nd percentile in the time we have been working with you. We drew the line in the sand about matching rates—that was huge. We drove our deposit costs down. I don’t think we could have come out of those tough couple of years without The Emmerich Group.”

J. Burnett, CEO
Libertyville Savings Bank

"The first year using this system allowed us to grow our commercial portfolio by 30%! And, it gets better. Using this system, we increased earnings from $4.1 million last year to $6 million this year- even with a half-million of expense for opening new offices."

J. Marcuccilli, CEO
STAR Financial

“Visiting with Terry for 2 days of learning felt like a “master class” in sales training. Fabulous! This was a great investment of two days that will yield massive results for our sales process.”

C. O’Brien, President and CEO
South Adams Savings

“After going through the Profit-Rich Sales seminar the 2nd time, a “light” came on! It showed me how far I need to go and how far our bank needs to get. I recommend all going through this a couple of times.”

T. Tucker, Executive Vice President
First Volunteer Bank

"Roxanne lays out the plan that any bank can implement regardless of their culture."

D. Bussey, SVP
San Luis Valley Federal Bank

"After 26 years in banking and working at 4 other banks that ‘claimed’ to have given me effective sales & marketing training, I have finally found a system that will work and that I can use effectively."

T. Free, Senior VP
Gateway State Bank

“Our clients are actually bragging
about us! When they hear about our good works, they say, ‘That’s my bank!’ It’s hard to
beat that feeling.”

G. Martin, President & CEO
American National Bank

"I believe that to be a "top producing" bank, you must first evaluate the dynamics of your personnel. ZeroRisk hiring gives you insight into how your people relate and allows you to put your people into jobs where they can grow and succeed!"

K. Sommers, VP Marketing
ESB Financial

“Very motivational; you walk away thinking this is the type of person I want to be.”

J. Brittingham, Operations
Macon Atlanta State Bank

“This is powerful, block and tackle instruction that is easily understood and can change lives.”

R. DeVries, President and CEO
Monarch Community Bank

"The beauty of the program is that it takes what you know intuitively and shows you how to apply what you know simply and efficiently for maximum results."

G. Laughbridge, VP Branch Manager
KS Bank

“There is an incredible amount of information provided that if properly applied will produce great results for your institution.”

S. Nelson, EVP
Macon Atlanta State Bank

“This program is a great motivator for the bank staff. Good morale booster. Employees feel more like a team. Feel sense of worth to the bank. They matter!”

B. Reichter, AVP Commercial

“Going through this process with the bank has not only changed the culture at work for me personally but also my life style at home.”

L. Revenew, Personal Banker
Landmark National Bank

“Coming from a bank that recently merged with a bank that had been on The Emmerich Program…these last 2 days have been great! I now understand everything much better and will be a better manager because of it.”

M. Prudhomme, Assistant VP
Adams Community Bank